To Measure Draft Entities in Drawings
1. Open the required drawing.
2. Click Analysis > Measure Draft Entities. The Draft Measure dialog box and the SELECT dialog box open.
3. Under Type, select the type of draft to measure.
4. Under From and To, select the first and second entity, respectively.
To display the SELECT dialog box again, click .
5. If you select an angle, you can select Use horizontal to calculate the angle, instead of selecting a second entity.
6. Click Compute. The result appears in the Results box. The displayed result includes the angle, distance, intersection point, and tangent point.
7. Click Compute to perform another analysis and Info to display the results in an Information Window.
8. To create a new analysis feature that uses the current analysis definition, click Add Feature. You are prompted to specify a name for the analysis feature or use the default name.
9. Press ENTER to save the analysis feature.
10. Click Close to close the Draft Measure dialog box.
For more information on obtaining drawing information, refer to the topics on drawings in the Detailed Drawings module of the Creo Parametric Help Center.