Setting Options
Each configuration file option in contains a default value that is set by Creo Parametric. If you do not change an option, Creo Parametric uses the default value.
There are two methods to change a option:
Click Tools > Options and use the Options dialog box.
Open the file from within a text editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word, and add or change configuration options directly.
In general, you should change file settings before you start a Creo Parametric session. If you want to change the environment during a session, it is usually more convenient to use the Environment dialog box, accessed by clicking Tools > Environment. However, you can change some options only by editing the file directly, by using one of the two methods mentioned previously.
You can save multiple versions of the file, with each file containing unique settings. This approach is useful if you want to use different configuration settings for different models, and you do not want to change multiple options for the same file as needed. You save different versions by using the Options dialog box.