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To Lay Out Cables Using Manual Fan
1. Click CABLE MFG > Flatten > Lay Out > Set Start Pnt.
2. In the subwindow with the 3D harness, select the location at which you want to start.
3. Select the location to which you want to lay out. This location:
Must be a portion of the same cable selected in Step 3, or at the intersection with a new set of cables, such as where a bundle separates into its constituent cables.
Does not have to be the very next location along the cable. You can skip locations, selecting only those that you deem necessary to the laying out of that cable.
If you skip locations, you can delete the section and flatten it again to get the skipped locations back, if you want them in the future.
4. In the main window, type a bend radius and bend angle for every segment encountered between selected locations.
Type these values in the units of your manufacturing model. The bend angle is in degrees. If you accept the default, the cable is laid out along a straight path. These values create dimensions that you can modify later.
5. Continue to lay out the cable by repeating the selection of a start point. When you reach the end of a cable, or reach the intersection of two cables, possibly where a bundle ends and individual cables start, you must select a new start point.
You cannot flatten a 3D cable that branches out from a location that you skipped during the flattening process.