Electrical Design > Harness > Using Components in MFG Mode > To Assemble Components in MFG Mode
To Assemble Components in MFG Mode
1. Click CABLE MFG > Flatten > Components.
2. Click Assemble and select the location at which you want the component to be assembled. Harness Design assembles the component attached to that location in the 3D harness, if any. The appropriate component appears in a window and the PLACE menu appears with the component placement commands.
3. Click Assemble All to assemble all components that are not currently assembled. Each component that is not currently assembled to the harness is assembled using a default orientation. You can modify each component’s placement using the commands on the PLACE menu.
You can assemble a connector without specifying any alignment or orientation to other geometry in the manufacturing assembly. Use the Redefine command if you need a specific orientation. For example, when you want the pin face of a connector to be oriented parallel to the plane of the harness drawing, use the Redefine command.
In an assembly if a wiring location is on the parent connector, the assemble_parent_connector configuration option is set to no and you click CABLE MFG > Flatten > Components > Assemble All.
Only child components that are connected by wires, cables, or cable conductors in the 3D harness are assembled in the flattened harness.
The following message is displayed: Parent connectors have been ignored.
All children that are not connected in the 3D harness are ignored.
4. Click Done when you have finished constraining the connector.
After all components have been assembled, the Assemble and Assemble All commands are no longer available.