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Tip: Using Subharnesses to Manage Large Designs
With the subharness functionality, you can create subgroups of cables, bundles, and so on in the harness. You can also flatten a harness where portions are not connected or are connected only by being routed to different pins of the same connector, although in different flat harnesses.
You can click Add and Remove Cables from a subharness in the 3D assembly as needed to aid in the flattening process. This can be useful to flatten certain portions of a harness automatically without flattening the rest. If you have defined subharnesses for a harness selected in Harness Design, you are prompted to select a subharness to flatten or select the whole harness when choosing what to flatten.
If a subharness is selected, only this subharness is displayed in the reference window, and only cables that belong to it are laid out in that manufacturing model.
In general, it is a good idea to use subharnesses, the network of wires, and suppression of some cables to simplify the harness for most of the flattening process.
After the main branches of the harness are flattened with the simplified harness, click Resume to move wires that are not flattened to the subharness you are working on to automatically flatten portions of cables that pass through those locations. Use the Fan command to fan the remaining portions of the wires.