Sharing EDMD IDX Files
EDMD IDX files are created throughout the workflow process from both the ECAD and MCAD sides. The files have to be shared between the ECAD and MCAD users. The files are shared either by E-mail, using a shared file location, or using a PLM system (Windchill).
When you are using a PLM system remember the following information:
Use the menu path below to set the Windchill Workgroup Manager for ECAD preference to ensure that the EDMD IDX file attached as primary content is the latest one.
Click CAD Data Management > Content Handling > Mark Out of Date > General. Set to:
Yes—The secondary content category General is marked out of date when primary content is iterated.
No (default)—The secondary content is carried forward.
It is recommended you set this to Yes. You will be warned on check in and presented with options for handling the attachment.
The EDMD IDX file is iterated every design change resulting in many EDMD IDX files. These files can be stored as a single Windchill object with may iterations.
Best practice is to keep EDMD IDX baselines in Windchill as separate documents and to keep incremental updates between EDMD IDX baselines as a single document with iterations.