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To Place a Component in an ECAD Assembly
1. In an active ECAD assembly, click the arrow below Assemble and click Assemble Relative to Board. The Open dialog box opens.
2. Select the component to assemble and click Open. The Component Placement tab opens.
3. Select the top or bottom side of the board as the placing surface of the board.
4. To set secondary, X and Y, placement references, drag the handles.
5. To change the offset values, double-click the number in the graphics window and type a new value.
6. To set a z offset of the component from the board, drag the handle.
7. To delete or redefine references and offset values, use the shortcut menu or the Placement tab.
8. To rotate the component about the Z axis, select the Add rotation about the first axis check box in the Placement tab. Click the arrow to select an angle, or type a value in the box.
9. Click .
For more information on placing components, search the Assembly area of the Help Center.