To Open an ECAD Assembly
1. Click or File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Select Assembly (*.asm) as the Type and ECAD Assembly as the Sub-type.
3. Select the ECAD assembly and click Open.
Opening a Legacy ECAD Assembly
ECAD assemblies that were created in a version earlier than Creo Parametric release 4.0, before the introduction of Simplified ECAD-MCAD Collaboration, do not have a proper baseline defined. To collaborate on changes to a board in Simplified ECAD-MCAD Collaboration, the baseline must have the board geometry outline and thickness defined. When you open this type of assembly, the Missing Baseline dialog box opens. You have one of 2 options:
Create the ECAD baseline—A baseline is created that includes board geometry outline and thickness. Save the assembly after it opens. Saving the assembly saves the board baseline. When you update the board design and save it, you save the new baseline. The Missing Baseline dialog box does not open again.
Not create the ECAD baseline—A baseline is not created. You cannot collaborate on changes to the board. The Missing Baseline dialog box opens every time you open the assembly until you create a baseline.