To Offset a Segment Surface
1. Click Model > Offset. The Offset tab opens.
2. Select a quilt or surface as a reference for the offset.
Alternatively, you can first select the geometry and then click Offset.
3. Make sure that is selected.
4. Set the offset distance.
5. To flip the material thickness direction, click .
6. Click Options. The Options tab opens. Perform any of the following operations:
Click the Special Handling collector and select one or more surfaces to exclude.
For more information about excluding surfaces, search the Help Center.
Click Add bends on sharp edges to round sharp edges when the sketch includes nontangent geometry. Set the value of the radius and the location for dimensioning the radius.
Click Merge to model to merge the segment with intersecting segments.
To keep the new segment edges from merging with existing intersecting segments, click Keep merged edges.
8. Click .