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To Import a Non-Electrical Volume
An Other Outline is an extruded footprint that represents a solid part, such as a heatsink, that would not have a reference designator. It is used only in the IDF 2.0 and 3.0 transfer formats.
To import an Other Outline volume into an assembly:
1. Click Model > Get Data > Import. The Open dialog box opens.
2. Select the .emn file or file with Other Outline information and click Open. The ECAD Input – Assembly dialog box opens. The Board Reference Coordinate System displays the value of the ecad_board_csys_def_name configuration option.
3. If all the components are in session then the components are listed in the Component List. The Component List lists the insert status, component name, and coordinate system. For a new component, the default coordinate system that cannot be changed is used. When you create the component, either the default coordinate system or the one specified by the ecad_comp_csys_def_name configuration option is used.
4. Select the Other Outline and change its Insert status to Yes or No as required. By default it is set to No.
5. You can select a library file if required by clicking Browse in Library File for New Components, and selecting the required file. This option is not available if all components are in session.
6. You can investigate the placement, or geometry by clicking Investigate Placement and Investigate Geometry.
7. Click the Use Default Template to use the default template for importing the other outline volume into the assembly.
8. If required, click Open Log Window for more information on the import operation.
9. Click OK. You are prompted to select a coordinate system. When you specify a coordinate system, the Other Outline volume is assembled to the board.