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To Import Components as Parts
Use this procedure to create a file with a .prt extension for a single component or to bring such files for all components into a session.
1. Click File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Select an ECAD Library package from the Type list, click the ECAD file that you want to import from the list of available files, and click Import. A new part file opens. The Import ECAD Library File dialog box also opens.
3. For the Import type, select All Components or Component. If you select Component, you can select Sketcher fix to open the part outline in Sketcher. You must know the name of the part as it appears in the import file to specify it in the Component name box. Otherwise, the part is automatically extruded.
4. Clear the Use default template check box to select a template from available templates. This check box is selected by default.
5. If required, click Open log window for more information about the import operation.
6. Click OK.
If you selected a single component, then the component is displayed as a file with a .prt extension.
If you selected All Components, the .prt files are stored in session, but not stored on disk or displayed. Use File > Open and select In Session to select the file or files to work on.
A coordinate system named ECAD_DEFAULT is created at the part origin. The z-axis direction is bottom to top.
Use the ecad_comp_csys_def_name configuration option to specify a default name for the coordinate system of the board.