To Extend a Segment
1. Select the driving or offset side of a single linear edge of a segment to extend.
2. Click Model > Extend. The Extend tab opens.
3. Choose a type of extension. Depending on the type of extension, select a reference, or set the value from the list, type a value in the box, or drag the handle in the graphics window.
When you extend the segment by a value, click to reverse the direction of the segment extension to the other side of the reference.
4. To control the extension, perform one of the following operations:
In the graphics window, right-click each of the Extension handles and choose Normal to Extended Edge to extend the segment normal to the referenced edge, or click Along Boundary Edge to extend the segment along the boundary edge.
Click Extension. The Extension tab opens. For the start and end sides of the extension, click Normal to Extended Edge or Along Boundary Edge.
Extend surface adjacent to edge—Extends the surface adjacent to the boundary edge.
5. Click .