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To Export a Panel File in Part Mode
You can export a panel file from Creo Parametric as an ECAD file from Part mode.
1. In the part mode, click File > Save As > Save a Copy. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
2. Change the type to ECAD IDF (*.emn), specify the required name for the output file in the New Name box, and click OK.
3. Select IDF 3.0 from the Format Options box in the ECAD Save As – Board dialog box.
4. Under Output As, select Panel.
Output As is available only for the IDF 3.0 format.
5. From the References section, select the Coordinate System for export.
If you have set a value for the ecad_board_csys_def_name configuration option, the Coordinate System box automatically displays this value.
6. Select Bottom Side and Top Side. By default, the default sides are used.
When the top and the bottom sides are found, then the Top and the Bottom collectors automatically display the current values. You can select a different value if required. When a unique top or a bottom side is not found, OK in the ECAD Save As – Board dialog box remains unavailable for selection. You can only pick faces or datums that are parallel to the XY plane of the selected coordinate system for the Top and Bottom collectors .
7. If required, click Open Log Window for more information on the export operation.
8. Click OK. The panel file is exported from Part mode.