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To Export Board Outline and Component Assembly Data
You can export a board outline (including any holes) and component placement information from Creo Parametric for an ECAD application.
1. In the assembly to be exported, click File > Save As > Save a Copy. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
2. From the Type list, select the file type.
3. Specify a new file name in the New Name box, if required, and click OK. When you choose EDMD (*.idx) or ECAD EDA(.*eda) the file is saved in your working directory. When you choose ECAD IDF (*.emn) the ECAD Save As - Assembly dialog box opens.
4. Select the IDF version from the IDF version list. IDF Version 3.0 is the default. The board, all the components in the assembly, and the other outline components are listed with an export status yes or no in the Board and Component Placement text boxes. A coordinate system to be used as an origin is also specified. Use the dialog box to add or edit the coordinate systems.
5. If required, select the board or component listed in the ECAD Save As - Assembly dialog box and click Change export status to include or exclude the selected object from being exported.
If parts do not have coordinate systems, they are not included in the export.
6. If required, click Open Log Window for more information on the export operation.
7. Click OK. the board is saved as an outline and component placement information as a ECAD IDF (*.emn) file. The ecad.log file contains warnings or error messages, if any.