To Create an Extruded Segment
1. Click Model > Extrude. The Extrude tab opens.
2. Make sure that for removing material is not selected.
3. Click Placement. The Placement tab opens.
To edit an existing sketch, click Unlink to break the association with the sketch. An internal sketch is created using a copy of the sketch. Create a sketch and click OK.
When a sketch does not exist, click Define and set references. Create a sketch and click OK.
4. Select a depth option and if required, set a value for each side.
5. To flip the depth direction, click .
6. To flip the material thickness direction, click .
7. Click Options. The Options tab opens. Select a Depth option and a value for each side, if required. Set the following board-specific options:
Click Add bends on sharp edges to round sharp edges when the sketch includes nontangent geometry. Set the value of the radius and the location for dimensioning the radius.
Click Set driving surface opposite sketch plane to flip the driving surface. Use this option when the segment is not a first segment.
Click Merge to model to merge the segment with intersecting segments.
To keep the new segment edges from merging with existing intersecting segments, click Keep merged edges.
9. Click .