To Create a Sketched Rip
1. Click Model > Rip > Sketched Rip. The Sketched Rip tab opens.
2. Perform one of the following operations:
Select an existing sketch. To break the association with the sketch, click Unlink. An internal sketch is created using a copy of the sketch.
Click Placement. The Placement tab opens. Click Define. Set references, create a sketch, and click .
A valid sketch must be a single continuous open chain.
3. Define the rip normal direction.
—Rips the material normal to the driving surface.
—Rips the material normal to the offset surface.
4. To flip the projection direction of the sketch to the other side of the reference plane, click next to .
5. To swap the area to rip to the other side of the sketch, click next to .
6. To exclude one or more surfaces from the rip, click Options. The Options tab opens. Select one or more surfaces to exclude.
7. Click .