To Create a Revolved Segment
Use the Revolve tool to create a revolved segment or when a revolved segment is not the first segment to create a revolved solid cut.
1. Click Model > Shapes > Revolve. The Revolve tab opens.
2. Select a sketch or click Placement > Define and create an internal sketch to revolve.
In Sketcher, you can change the direction of material thickness and specify thickness for a section containing a single chain with tangent entities. Click Setup > Feature Tools > Thicken.
3. Select an axis of revolution.
The axis of revolution can be a geometry centerline created as part of the sketched section. The centerline is automatically detected during feature creation. You can also select any existing linear geometry that lies on the sketch plane, such as an axis, or a straight edge or curve to define the axis of revolution.
4. Select an option to constrain the angle of revolution and set the angle value or the reference plane.
5. To create a two-sided feature that is constructed on both sides of the sketching plane, perform the following actions:
a. Click Options. The Options tab opens.
b. Select an option to constrain the angle of revolution for Side 1 and Side 2.
c. Set the angle value or the reference plane for each side.
6. To set board-specific options, use the Options tab to perform one or more of the following actions:
Click Add bends on sharp edges to round sharp edges when the sketch includes nontangent geometry. Set the value of the radius and the location for dimensioning the radius.
Click Set driving surface opposite sketch plane to flip the driving surface. Use this option when the segment is not a first segment.
Click Merge to model to merge the segment with intersecting segments.
To keep the new segment edges from merging with existing intersecting segments, click Keep merged edges.
8. Click .