To Create a Cut
1. Click Model > Extrude. The Extrude tab opens.
2. Make sure that for removing material is selected.
3. Click Placement. The Placement tab opens.
To edit an existing sketch, click Unlink to break the association with the sketch. An internal sketch is created using a copy of the sketch. Edit the sketch.
When a sketch does not exist, click Define and set references. Create a sketch.
4. Click Options. The Options tab opens. Select a Depth option and a value for each side, if required.
5. To create a board segment cut, click and select the type of cut to create. To create a solid cut, make sure that is not selected.
6. To thicken the sketch, click and specify a value.
7. To flip the depth direction to the other side of the sketch plane, click .
8. Click .