To Create a Blend Segment
1. Click Model > Shapes > Blend. The Blend tab opens.
2. Make sure that is selected.
3. Choose a segment creation method:
To sketch internal sections:
1. Click or click Sketched sections on the Sections tab.
2. Click Define and select a planar reference, a point, a vertex, or the end of a curve to define the sketch plane.
3. Sketch the first section.
4. To set the sketch plane reference for the second section, click Offset dimension or Reference on the Sections tab. Set the offset or select a reference for the section and click Sketch. Sketch the section. The blended segments preview.
5. To sketch another section, click Insert and repeat the previous step.
To select sections:
1. Make sure that is selected.
2. Click Sections. The Sections tab opens with Selected sections selected.
3. Select the first section.
4. Click Insert on the Sections tab and select an additional section. The blended segments preview.
5. To add additional sections for the blend, repeat the previous step until all sections are added.
For more information on using the Blend tools, search the Help Center.
4. To set board-specific options, click Options. The Options tab opens. Perform any of the following operations:
Click Straight to connect the section edges with straight lines, or click Smooth to connect the section edges with spline surfaces.
Click Add bends on sharp edges to round sharp edges when the sketch includes nontangent geometry. Set the value of the radius and the location for dimensioning the radius.
Click Set driving surface opposite blended surface to flip the driving surface. This option is not available for a first segment.
Click Merge to model to merge the segment with intersecting segments.
To keep the new segment edges from merging with existing intersecting segments, click Keep merged edges.
6. Click .