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To Add or Edit an ECAD Area
1. Choose one of the following options:
In an ECAD assembly with an active board part, click ECAD Area. The ECAD Area tab opens.
In a board part, click Engineering > ECAD Area. The ECAD Area tab opens.
2. Click a button to choose the type of restriction and select the type of area to create from the list.
The list of available area types for a user defined area is set from a *.csv file. Set the file and path to this file using the ecad_usrdef_area_type_file_path configuration option.
3. Click Placement > Define and select a sketching plane and a reference plane.
4. Sketch the required area and exit sketcher.
5. Click Options to set the following options:
Trim to boundaries to follow bends—Trims the area to the boundaries of the board to allow the area to follow a bend and unbend. This option is available only in an ECAD assembly.
Select the 3D Volume check box to determine whether the area appears with a 3D quilt. Only ECAD Placement and user defined areas accept 3D volume on one or symmetrically on two sides.
When you have selected 3D Volume, you can define the following options from the Depth Options box:
One Side Only—Creates a volume on one side of the board only. Specify a value for Depth.
Two Sides Symmetrical—Creates a volume symmetrically on the top and bottom sides of the selected surface. Specify a value for Depth.
Existing ECAD Placement areas with nonsymmetrical 2 side volumes are still supported.
6. To change the color of an ECAD area being defined, click the color button. A color palette appears.
Colors for user defined areas are set by the *.csv file.
When you change the color for an area in the ECAD Area tab, the new color overrides the system or file color setting.
a. Select a color from Theme Colors. The color button displays the selected color.
b. To set a custom color, click More Colors. The Color Editor dialog box opens.
c. You can set RGB (red, green, blue) values and HSV (hue, saturation, and value) values using the sliders.
d. Click OK.
7. To create a crosshatch for the region, Click .
8. Click Properties to change the name of the ECAD area or to display area information in the browser.
9. Click .