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Naming Default Coordinate Systems
During import or export, when ECAD needs a coordinate system, it first searches for a default coordinate system. ECAD automatically looks for a coordinate system with the default name, ECAD_DEFAULT. ECAD prompts you if it cannot find one, or if you have not specified another default name.
To specify a default name of your own, set these configuration options:
ecad_board_csys_def_name—Establishes a default name for the board’s coordinate system.
ecad_comp_csys_def_name—Establishes a default name for the coordinate systems that components use.
If a default coordinate system exists, Creo Parametric uses it automatically, without requesting any additional information about coordinate systems. If you use the default coordinate system name for all components, you can assemble all necessary components to the board without specifying any additional component placement information.
The part’s outline is imported as an extruded section to create a Creo Parametric part when you either place the component for the first time, or when you import it separately as a new part. The default coordinate system is located on the plane of the extruded section, and the z-axis is parallel to the direction of the extrusion.