Explicit Fix Placement Constraint
The Explicit Fix placement constraint fully constrains the component in the current position without references and dimensions. The Explicit Fix constraint is the default constraint used when you get changes from an IDX file or import an ECAD assembly when the ecad_comp_follow_board configuration option is set to no and components do not follow the board.
Using the Explicit Fix Constraint
Components added to the ECAD assembly and placed using the Explicit Fix constraint are included in the incremental IDX file when you send changes. Follow the steps below to add a component to an ECAD assembly using the Explicit Fix constraint.
1. In an open ECAD assembly, click the arrow under Assemble and click Assemble. The Open dialog box opens.
2. Select the component to place and click Open. The Component Placement tab opens.
3. Select Explicit Fix from the list of constraints.
4. Use the dragger to move the component and place it in the assembly.
5. Click .