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About the User Defined Areas CSV File
Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files are used to define information tables. A CSV file contains lines of alphanumeric fields separated by a comma. For example, when you use Microsoft Excel to create the CSV file, save the file as CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).
The user defined areas CSV file contains the names and geometry (lines and quilts) colors of your custom ECAD areas. It contains 2 columns, the area name and the color.
Below is an example of a CSV file:
Silkscreen On Functional Side, ptc-stone-marble-purple
Drill Holes With High Accuracy, ptc-wood-elm
Wire Keep-in GND Only, ptc-painted-yellow
Unmasked GND Area, ptc-metallic-aluminium
Component Keep-in, ptc-steel-brushed
Whisker Areas, ptc-painted-red
V cut line, ptc-ceramic