About the Boundary Blend Tool
Use the Boundary Blend tool to create a board segment or a surface with boundary blend geometry. Create or reference an entity to define the surface or segment in one or two directions. The first and last entity in each direction define the segment or surface boundaries. You can define more fully the shape of the boundary blend geometry by adding more reference entities, such as control points and boundary conditions.
You can redefine a boundary blend segment as a surface, or a boundary blend surface as a segment. You must specify thickness for a first segment. Keep in mind the following points when creating boundary blend geometry:
Segments, curves, datum points, and ends of curves or edges can be used as reference entities.
Reference entities must be selected in consecutive order but can be reordered.
For boundary blend surfaces defined in two directions, the outer boundaries must intersect to form a closed loop. Any excess segments are automatically trimmed.
Additional options specific to board segments are available for the Boundary Blend tool.
For more information on the Boundary Blend tool, search the Help Center.