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About Fixing Import Problems in Sketcher
When you import parts created in an ECAD (2D) system into Creo Parametric, they may contain bad contours caused by open or self-intersecting loops.
To correct the import file, for IDF versions 2.0 and 3.0, select Edit outline in Sketcher in the ECAD Input - Board dialog box. If the ECAD import process is unable to create a contour for a board outline, the following message appears:
Do you want to correct <file name> part geometry with Sketcher? [Yes]
You can either abort the import or enter the Sketcher mode to fix the problem. In the Sketcher mode, you can see the imported profile geometry. The sketcher regeneration process ensures correct creation (regenerated or nonregenerated section).
You can create dimensions on the section. All tools in Sketcher are available to correct any problem, for example, to trim corners.
After you have corrected the problems in Sketcher, the import and automatic creation of the feature continues. The following is written to the ecad.log file:
If you plan to import this component again, you should export it and then insert the corrected outline as a replacement for the problem outline in the import files.
If the outline is corrected on import, it is not automatically corrected in the ecad library file. Export the corrected component separately and use the outline to update the .emp file to avoid having to correct the same profile repeatedly.