About Cuts in Boards
You can create, edit, import, and collaborate on ECAD cuts. ECAD cuts are created on a board and have an ECAD MCAD ID. Individual cuts are created in an ECAD Cuts feature that contains one or more cuts.
In the Model Tree,
—Identifies an ECAD Cuts feature
—Identifies an individual cut
—Identifies a removed cut
Use the ECAD Cuts tool to do the following on individual cuts in an ECAD Cuts feature:
Create a new ECAD cut.
Consume an existing cut while maintaining the ECAD_MCAD ID of the consumed cut. When you consume a cut, the sketch entities of the consumed cut are deleted. You create or select new sketch entities to change the shape and placement of the consumed cut.
Remove an ECAD cut from the board.
You can import and export ECAD cuts with an IDX file (EDMD version 3 and above) when they have an ECAD MCAD ID. All cuts in the imported file are imported as one cuts feature that includes multiple individual cuts. Cuts without an ECAD MCAD ID are imported and exported as part of the board outline.
To view the ECAD MCAD IDs in the Model Tree, display the ECAD_MCAD_CREATION_ID_STRING and ECAD_MCAD_ID_CREATION_TOOL Model Tree columns. (To display ECAD parameters in the Model Tree click > Tree Columns. The Model Tree Columns dialog box opens. Select ECAD Params from the Type list.)
Use the Search Tool to find ECAD cuts when you work in a tool.
You can add parameters to an individual cut in an active board part.
Collaboration on cuts is similar to collaboration on any ECAD feature.