About Bend Notes
Bend notes show information about the type, direction, and angle of a bend. They can also be displayed as annotations in your drawings. The following example shows a bend note:
Bend notes are automatically created for each bend in your design, but display only in the flat state. You can customize the order of the note elements with the board_bend_notes_order configuration option. You can also customize the default bend note symbols or create your own symbols by modifying the bend note display configuration options or by modifying the Bend notes display settings area in the Board area of the Options dialog box.
To display bend notes in the flat state, click Bend Notes on the Graphics toolbar, or click View > Bend Notes. Make sure that , annotation display, is enabled and that the board_bend_notes_dflt_display configuration option is set to yes (default).
To display bend notes in the Model Tree, click > Tree Filters. The Model Tree Items dialog box opens. Under Display, click Annotations, and then click OK.