About Bend Lines
You can use bend lines to determine the location and shape for the bend geometry in a part. The behavior of the bend geometry is determined by the bend line location, the bend angle, and the fixed geometry. Bend lines are reference points for calculating developed length and creating bent geometry.
Bend Line Sketch
Bend One
Bend Two
Bend Three
1. Bend line
2. Fixed geometry
You can adjust the bend line to make the resulting bend geometry coplanar with the side of the segment. Make sure any added bend relief does not exceed the developed length of the bend.
Non-coplanar Surfaces
Coplanar Surfaces
BLA = L - ( R + T )
BLA = Bend line adjustment
L = Developed length of the bend (determined from a bend table or formula)
R = Inside radius of the bend
T = Thickness
RL = Relief length ( = cutback length in rip relief)
1. Original bend line
2. Fixed geometry and bend side
3. Adjusted bend line
4. Fixed geometry and bend side