To Set the Grid
1. Click View > Draft Grid. The GRID MODIFY menu appears.
2. Use the commands in the GRID MODIFY menu to set the grid display and spacing as follows:
Show Grid—Turns on the display of the grid. This does not affect the snapping of sketched entities to grid intersections. To change the grid snap, use the Snap to Grid option in the ENVIRONMENT dialog box (Tools > Environment). This ensures that all nodes lie on the drawing grid.
When routing wires, you can work with the grid on but with grid snap off.
Hide Grid—Turns off the display of the grid.
Type—Establishes the type of grid as Cartesian (default) or Polar. In Diagram, you use the Cartesian grid.
Origin—Places the grid origin anywhere on the screen and shows coordinate axes at the current grid origin.
Grid Params—Establishes the spacing and angle of the grid. The CART PARAMS menu appears with the following options:
X&Y Spacing—Sets the spacing in both X- and Y-direction to the same value.
X Spacing—Sets the X-spacing only.
Y Spacing—Sets the Y-spacing only.
Angle—Modifies the angle between the horizontal and the X-direction grid.
Before creating wires it is helpful to:
Modify the grid parameters and/or the component locations so that all the nodes are located on grid intersections.
Click Tools > Environment and check Snap to Grid to turn the grid snap on.
If you turn on the grid before creating connectors, it ensures that any pins (nodes) you create are on the grid and are spaced properly.