Electrical Design > Electrical Design > Using Terminator Tables > To Disallow Selected Terminators from Editing
To Disallow Selected Terminators from Editing
1. Click Tools > Parameters > Objects. The Select By Type dialog box opens.
2. Select the target connector. To select all connectors, set the Object Type to Reference Objects, and Ref Obj Type to Connectors.
3. Click Modify. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens. Use the dialog box to locate the target reference designators.
4. Under Display For, click Pins.
5. Scroll the right pane of the Electrical Parameters dialog box until you see the TERM_AUTO_ASSIGN parameter column. Alternatively, use the View > Columns > Model Tree Columns dialog box to add the parameters.
6. In the Value box, select FALSE.
7. Click Apply and then OK in the Electrical Parameters dialog box.