Electrical Design > Electrical Design > Creating Spools > To Create a Wire or Cable Spool
To Create a Wire or Cable Spool
1. Click Format > Spools > Create.
The SPOOL TYPE menu appears with the following options:
Wire—Create a wire spool.
Cable—Create a multi-conductor cable spool.
Click the type of spool you want to create. You are prompted to specify a name for the spool.
2. At the prompt, type a name for the spool. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens.
3. Click View > Columns and use the Model Tree Columns dialog box to add more parameters to the spool, if required.
4. Select the NUM_CONDUCTORS parameter in the Electrical Parameters dialog box and specify an appropriate integer value in the Value box. This parameter decides the maximum number of conductors that a cable can have.
Using the Electrical Parameters dialog box, you can add parameters to wires or cables of a connector or to the conductors of a cable spool.
5. When finished, if you want to save the spool data, click File > Write and then OK to close the Electrical Parameters dialog box.