To Copy Items From One Diagram To Another
1. Click File > Open to open the diagram from which to copy an object or objects to another diagram.
2. Select the items that you want to copy to another sheet using the graphical selection methods or the Diagram Item filter. The selected objects are highlighted.
3. Click Edit > Copy. Use the sheet number box on the menu bar to switch sheets, if necessary.
4. Click Edit > Paste. The Clipboard window opens showing the copied object. The GET POINT menu appears with the following options:
Pick Pnt—Select a point.
Vertex—Select an entity end point.
On Entity—Select a point on an entity and correct the parameter.
Rel Coords—Type the offset from the ruler reference point.
Abs Coords—Type the coordinates.
Done—Accept this entity.
Quit—Reject this entity.
5. In the Clipboard window, select a point in or around the copied object or objects where you want it attached to the pointer. A yellow box marks the selected point.
6. Click Window and then click the name of the required diagram to navigate to the diagram where you want to place the copied object or objects, if the copied object or objects belong to a different diagram.
7. In the selected diagram, select a point where you want to place the attached point and click OK in the SELECT dialog box. The copied object or objects are added to the diagram at the selected point.
Click Edit > Transform for more advanced copy options, including:
Translate—When pasting, defines a directional vector and number of copies.
Rotate—When pasting, places a specified number of copies around a center point at specified angle points.