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To Compare Logical References
You can compare the logical connections of the diagram with either a cabling assembly or an ASCII wire list. This allows you to see if any logical connection in the diagram is missing or incorrect in the 3D harness.
1. Click Tools > Logical Reference > Compare. The COMPARE menu appears with checkboxes for each diagram object on the wirelist. Check each object you want to compare:
Wire Spools and Cable Spools—A match occurs if they all have the same parameters with the same values. A subset match, indicated by the word SUBSET in parentheses in the comparison output file, occurs if all the parameters common to both referenced and design data have the same values. The spools are identified by the spool names.
Conns/Comps—Connectors and components can match when they have the same parameters with the same values. Connectors and components are identified by their reference designators.
Wires and Cables—The logical connection of a wire to a connector or component is compared. A wire is matched if it runs between the same matched connectors and pins, even if the names of the wires are not the same. Wires connected to rails are also listed in the logical reference information as being connected to rails. Wires are identified by the wire name.
Cabling assemblies do not contain pin attachment information until it is explicitly entered when you edit the connector parameters.
If you check Matched, matched items are listed first in the listing.
2. Click Execute. The comparison list appears in a text reader.