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To Add a New Single View Component
1. Click Insert > Component > Single View. The DGM SYM TYPE and the GET SYMBOL menus appear. When you add a component, you place an instance of a predefined symbol into the diagram.
2. Click one of the following options from the DGM SYM TYPE menu:
Free—Places the view as a regular component freely on the diagram.
Insert—Inserts the view into a wire. When selected, only components with two pins or less are valid components for placement. Insertion causes the wire to be broken into two wires.
Att Wire—Places the view as a through splice. When selected, only components with one pin are valid components for placement.
Replace—Replaces a selected component.
3. Use the GET SYMBOL options to select the component symbol. If the symbol does not have all the appropriate parameters, you are prompted to specify if they must be corrected. Enter [Y] to correct them and place the symbol.
4. If the symbol height is defined as Variable, you are prompted to enter the symbol height.
5. If the symbol definition includes variable text, you are prompted to enter the text.
6. Select a location on the diagram for the symbol origin (specified when defining the symbol).
7. The component symbol appears in the diagram. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens. Enter and modify parameters for the component.
8. When you are finished, click OK. The ADJUST INST menu appears with the following options to adjust the symbol placement:
Relocate—Selects a drag point on the symbol (not necessarily the same as the symbol origin). Specify its new location. Middle-click to abort.
Move Origin—Selects the new symbol origin. The symbol moves immediately so that the new origin is in place of the old one. The symbol origin determines its position when you move it later using Move.
Rotate 90—Rotates the symbol around its origin 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Resize—Enter new value for symbol height. This option is only available if the symbol is defined as Variable.
Done—Completes the component position.
9. Proceed to create other components, or click Quit from the GET SYMBOL menu.