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To Add a Cable to the Diagram
Use this procedure to add a cable and assign wires to it. If cable spools have not yet been defined in the diagram model, you must first create a cable spool.
1. Click Insert > Cable. The Select Spools dialog box opens.
2. Click the cable spool from the Cable Spools list. To create a new spool click New. The ADD WIRES menu appears.
3. Click Pick Wire.
4. From the diagram, select the wires to include in the new cable. You can click Sketch Wire or any of the other wire creation commands to create them on the fly.
The number of wires added to the cable must be less than or equal to the number of conductors in the cable spool. When the maximum number of wires, based on the spool's NUM_CONDUCTORS parameter value, has been added to the cable, you receive a warning message.
5. When you have highlighted the wires you want to add, click ADD WIRES > Assign Cond. Follow the prompts to assign each selected wire to a cable conductor number. When wires become cable conductor numbers, they ignore the wire spool properties and parameters, and assume the properties listed for the conductor number in the cable spool.
Wires selected for the cable that have not been assigned a cable conductor number are removed from the cable.
6. Click Done from the ADD WIRES menu.
On the wire label, the individual wire spool names are replaced with the cable spool name. Optionally you may add a cable symbol to the diagram.