Rail Display Setup Options
Click File > Properties. Several drawing setup options that control rail display follow:
Sets the default contents of the rail label.
Sets the default rail label style, which can be any valid named text style that is user-defined.
Sets the default rail line style, which is a user-defined text style or a system line style.
Defines the increment numerical value between two consecutively created rails. Used with rail default-prefix and rail-default suffix.
Defines the text prefix of default rail names.
Defines the start number or letter of the default railname. If rail_default_suffix is 1, and rail_default_increment is 2, consecutive rails are named rail1, rail3, rail5, and so on. If rail_default_suffix is A, and rail_default_increment is 2, consecutive rails are named railA, railC, railE, and so on. (Cannot contain underscores, dashes, or a mix of numerical and alphabetical characters.)
Sets the size of the nodes displayed at attachment points between two rails or between a wire and a rail for printing and display.
Places the rail notes a specified real number above the highway. The default is 0.1. Enter NO to center the label on the rail.