Component Pin Parameters
Signal name for the pin. Optional and can be entered in the ASCII file.
Signal value for the pin. Optional and can be entered in the ASCII file.
If the value is the name of a coordinate system on the designated part in 3D, Cabling can identify the coordinate system as the correct entry port when using Logical Ref. If you enter this parameter in Diagram, it is automatically included in the 3D assembly connector parameters when using Logical Ref/Update for the connector. (This parameter can also be entered into the 3D connector parameters manually.)
This pin-to-coordinate system association can be used when routing cable conductors, to highlight the target entry port for each selected conductor as you route it.
Required only for cable autorouting if you use more than one entry port coordinate system per connector.
Specifies the terminator name associated with a particular pin. Format: TERM_NAME string
Specifies the automatic assignment of terminator information from a table.
The value TRUE (default) or FALSE determines if the terminator information is automatically overwritten by executing a terminator table. Example: TERM_NAME 6 TERM6327Y FALSE
Optional, True , False, defaults to True. You can also set this parameter at the component level so that the parameter is applicable to all the pins of the component.
Example: If you set the SIGNAL_VALUE_AUTO_ASSIGN parameter to FALSE for a terminator table, you cannot set the corresponding parameter for that pin.
The internal length for specific pin, overrides def_internal_len.
The grouping for specific pin, overrides def_grouping. (ENTRY_PORT is required to use this parameter.)
User Defined
Establishes a user-defined parameter. Format <parameter name> text string or value.