About Ladder Diagrams
You can create ladder diagrams using the reference zone and cross-reference note functions. When creating a ladder diagram, you are prompted to select an existing reference zone. Rails are created along each side of the reference zone. Wires are created between the rails, along each of the division lines. Rails and wires can also be created manually.
There are four steps to creating a ladder diagram:
1. Create a reference zone.
2. Use the ladder diagram functionality to create the rails and wires that represent the ladder diagram.
3. Create, or retrieve, and place the appropriate single and multiple-view components on the wires in your ladder diagram.
4. Create and place the appropriate rung labels for your ladder diagram. Each rung (division line) of a ladder diagram can be labeled with a rung label. Rung labels can contain cross reference notes which, for each view on the rung, identify the physical position of other views of multiple view components.
After you create a reference zone, you can add and remove division lines from the reference zone. You can also modify the following attributes:
The spacing between the division lines
The numbering scheme used for the division lines
The reference zone’s boundary
A division line’s index
The position of the index labels