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Using the Cabling Workflow
This workflow is a sample of the basic steps used to create a cabling harness. In the assembly design, click Applications > Cabling. You can perform the following operations in Cabling:
Create a Harness Part
Click Create Harness to create a new harness part. The harness part is a PRT file. It is a part of the assembly, but cannot be opened as a separate part.
Import a Logical Reference (Optional)
Click Import to read a logical reference file from Creo Schematics or another formatted wire list.
Add Spools to the Database
Click Spools > Create to add new spool definitions to the database. Click Spools > Read to read the selected SPL files.
Designate Components
Click Designate to manually designate 3D parts in the assembly as connectors that will be connected to the harness. If you have referenced logical data from schematics, click Auto Designate to automate the designation of components.
Create Wires and Cables
Click Route Cables to open the Route Cables dialog box and add wires and cables to the harness. Click Find to choose the wires and cables imported from the logical data.
Route Cables
Use a simple route
Select a wire or cable and the From and To coordinates of the components to which you want to connect the wire or cable. The path of the wire or cable is defined by creating location points.
Route via a network
Select Via Network in the Route Type list.
Click Route Network to add a network of locations between the components that are connected by the harness. You can create the network before you begin routing or while routing.
Follow an existing cable
Select Follow Cable in the Route Type list. Select a cable to follow and the From and To locations on the cable. You can follow all or a part of the cable.
Follow a pipeline
Select Follow Pipeline in the Route Type list. Select a pipeline to follow and the From and To locations on the pipeline. The cable must enter and exit the pipeline from the pipeline end points or from a junction box.