To Modify a Harness
1. Click . The HARNESSES menu appears.
2. Select the harness to modify from the list. The SUBHARNESS menu appears.
3. Create or modify a subharness or click Done. The selected harness is now the active Work Harness.
The active harness name displays in the bottom left in the graphics window.
4. Click Setup. The HARN SETUP menu appears.
You can specify the following options to modify a harness:
Units—Set the LENGTH units for the harness.
Name—Set the name for the following items:
Detail Item
Report Defs—Set the default names for the following items in the drawing report tables:
Cable Jacket
Cable Shield
Cable Pin
Show Current—Displays the current name of the cable jacket, shield, and pin in the message area.
Notes—Displays the MDL NOTES menu that enables you to manage the cabling assembly. You can add, modify, and remove the assembly notes.
Smooth—Default setting for creating trajectories.
Straight—Forces cable trajectories to be straight when possible.
Round—Default setting for grouping cables in a bundle.
Flat—Forces the cable to be in a flat grouping.
Rt in Bndls—Checks to automatically routes wires in bundles when possible.
5. Click Done/Return.