Electrical Design > Cabling > Component, Connector, and Pin > Adding Components > To Modify Placement of Splices and Custom Components
To Modify Placement of Splices and Custom Components
1. Click Components > Component Operations.
2. Select one or more Cabling components to modify. To select multiple components, press CTRL and select the required components. The MOD CONN menu appears.
3. Click Placement. The COMPONENT WINDOW and the Place Component dialog box open.
4. Modify the component placement by applying one of the following constraint types.
Tangent to cable—The attachment coordinate system attaches to the location that you selected earlier with its z-axis tangent to the cable segment at the location.
Perpendicular to plane—Select a Plane, Crv/Edg/Axis, or Csys from the GEN SEL DIR menu as a constraint to assemble the splice or custom component. The z-axis of the coordinate system is normal to the selected plane or aligned to the selected curve, edge, axis, or coordinate system. You can modify the direction of the attachment location to be parallel to the z-axis of the attachment entry port.
5. Click OK.