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To Edit a Segment
1. Do one of the following:
Select a network or cable segment in the graphics window, right-click, and click from the shortcut menu. The Location tab opens.
When you are creating locations after one or more locations have been placed, right-click in the graphics window and click Edit Segment from the shortcut menu, or click on the tab.
2. On the Items tab, select a location in the Locations list. A drag handle appears at the selection location.
3. Drag the handle to reposition the location.
When you move a location, any dependent locations move as well to maintain the offset distance.
You can not move a location to a position that violates the bend radius limitations of the cable.
4. Right-click the selected location in the graphics window and click Redefine.
To redefine a Free location, right-click the location again and choose one of the following options:
Use Previous Location
To redefine an On Axis location, right-click and select one of the following options:
Flip Locations
Flip Locations option is available only when you place at least two locations on an axis.
5. Click Placement to modify offset dimensions.
6. Click .