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About Terminators and Terminator Tables
A terminator is a cabling object with a set of parameters. Terminators are attached to the pins of a connector to represent contact, crimp, or other terminator style information. The term_name parameter is used to assign a terminator to a pin.
Use Logical Data > Terminators > Create to create a terminator. For a given terminator, you can create any number of user-defined parameters using the Electrical Parameters dialog box.
You must first create a terminator and then attach its name to a pin either manually or through a terminator table. In a large design, instead of manually attaching terminators to each pin, you can create a terminator table to automatically assign specific terminators to a specific group of pins.
A terminator table defines the criteria for a terminator to be matched to a particular pin. Specify such criteria in the Terminator Table dialog box and run the table. You can add or modify the default criteria to include any connector, connector pin, spool, or spool conductor parameter. By specifying combinations of parameters in a terminator table, any connector pin that meets the required criteria is automatically assigned the specified terminator.
The terminator table columns define the connector and spool parameters. The first column contains the term_name value. This value is the terminator name that is to be associated with connections that match the criteria in the remaining columns.
Use the terminator table to assign terminators based on the diameter of the wire and the connector model name. When you regenerate the cabling assembly, the connector terminator statement is updated according to the latest terminator table that you have run. Settings in a terminator table do not override terminators that you have manually assigned, unless you specify otherwise.
Before you assign a terminator to a connector manually or through a table, ensure that the NUM_OF_PINS parameter is defined in the connector parameter file.
You can use only those terminators that were created before you start assembling the components.
Terminator information can also be imported from a logical reference.
Terminators are created as features in Cabling and displayed on the Model Tree.