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About Adding Harnesses to a Family Table
You can create a Family Table for an active harness part. Since a harness is specific to a specific cabling assembly, a harness Family Table can only be used in the context of the assembly. Harness Family Table instances are used to define the assembly Family Table instances.
Follow these steps to add a Family Table to a harness part and use it in the assembly:
Create a Family Table for a part in the assembly.
This part is usually a base part in the assembly. The locations for the cables in the harness should reference this part so that they update when the part instance changes.
Create an assembly Family Table so that each assembly instance references a part instance.
Create the harness Family Table referencing the assembly Family Table.
Insert a new column in the assembly Family Table to reference the harness instance for each assembly instance.
For more information on assembly Family Tables, search the Assembly area of the Help Center.