Printer Configuration Dialog Box
Click File > Print > Print. The Print dashboard opens. Click Settings. The Printer Configuration dialog box opens. The dialog box contains tabs that are described in the sections below.
Destination Tab: Adding and Configuring a Printer
Displays the printer type. You select it from the Commands and Settings list available with the Printer field.
Displays the default name of the printer as specified in the plotter configuration file. Click to select another printer or add a new printer. The printer type is saved for the current session only.
Help Text
Provides brief instructions to use the specified printer.
Specifies a destination to send the plot for printing.
Click the To File check box to send the plot to a file.
Click the To Printer check box to send the plot to a printer.
Specifies the sheet to print.
Select All to print all sheets of the drawing.
Select Current to print the currently selected sheet.
Select Range and specify the from and to range of sheets separated by “-” character to print.
# of Copies
Specifies the number of copies to print.
Plotter Command
Specifies the command to use when sending a plot to the printer.
Printer Tab: Setting Other Printer Options
Table File
Selects a default pen mapping table. Type the name of the table in the box.
Specifies speed of pen (centimeters per second).
Handshake Xon/Xoff or Hardware
Selects the type of plotter initialization.
Sheet Type
Selects the paper type if applicable — Sheet or Roll.
Defines how TrueType fonts must be handled in the plot file. The default setting is based on the value of the plot_stroke_text plotter configuration option or the ttf_handling_for_plot_files configuration option. The value of the plot_stroke_text plotter configuration option overrides the setting of the ttf_handling_for_plot_files configuration option. Click Use TrueType Fonts to include fonts and text strings in the plot file. This setting reduces the size of a plot file. Click Stroke All Fonts to include text strings as triangulated objects in the plot file. This setting increases the size of the plot file.