About Annotating Your Model
You create and annotate a drawing is to prepare the model to be manufactured. For instance, you can add dimensions and details in several ways:
Showing Driving Dimensions—Displaying the information stored within model itself. By default, all dimensions and stored model information are invisible (or erased) when you import the model or assembly into the 2D drawing.  These dimensions are actively linked to the 3D model, so you can directly edit the 3D model through the dimension in the drawing. You can use these shown or driving dimensions to drive the shape of the model through the drawing.
Inserting Driven Dimensions—Creating new dimensions within the drawing. These driven dimensions have one-way association: from the model to the drawing. If dimensions are changed in the model, all edited dimension values and the drawing is updated. You can not use these driven dimensions to edit the 3D model.
Adding Non-dimensional Detailing—Creating non-dimensional detail items, such as geometric tolerances, datums, symbols, surface finish symbols, datum targets, balloons, text and notes.
You can minimize the level of detail in the following ways:
Hide or erase temporarily either the information shown from the 3D model or newly created detail items.
Cleanup of dimensions.
Delete the newly created detail items (You cannot delete the information passed from the model).
Place dimensions and detail items on layers so you can turn the display of information on and off.