To Create a New Step
1. On the Menu Manager, click ASM PROCESS > Sequence > New Step.
2. Choose the type of step from the STEP TYPE menu, and then click Done.
3. If this is the first step, the Open dialog box opens. Choose the model for the process assembly.
4. The STEP:<OptionName> dialog box opens. Define the following elements:
Components–Select components for the process step (standard components, fabrication units, cable features, pipe features, tools/fixtures, and bulk items). Indicate the type of component and select one or more. Components do not have to be of the same type. Choose at least one component to create a valid assembly step.
When you select components, the system assumes that the active model is the one from which you are selecting components.
Description (optional element)–Opens the Step Description dialog box. Type a description or import text files to reuse information from another step, or import a standard text template.
Simplfd Rep (optional element)–Opens the View Manager. Select or create a simplified representation to be used when displaying this step. The default is the currently set simplified representation.
Explode State (optional element)–Opens the Exploded Views dialog box. Select a view or create a new one.
View–Opens the Orientation dialog box. Define an orientation of the model. Click Set to associate the view to the current step.
Time Estimate (optional element)–Specify the estimated time to perform this step, in hours.
Cost Estimate (optional element)–Specify estimated cost to perform this step. Enter a value or write a relation to calculate it.
5. Click OK.