To Create a Drawing for a Process Step
You must have a process plan open to create a drawing for a process step.
1. Click File > New > Drawing. The name of the drawing is the same as the process assembly plan. Accept the default name or type a new one and click OK. The New Drawing dialog box opens.
2. Choose a drawing layout, then click OK. The drawing opens.
3. Set drawing content:
a. Click General. The Select Combined State dialog box opens.
b. Select an option and click OK.
c. Click the graphics area to place the model. The Drawing View dialog box opens.
d. Click the category tabs as required to set options. On the View States tab, set the Combined state, the Explode view, and the Simplified Representation.
e. Click Customize Explode State to modify the components' positions. Click OK.
f. Select a step from the list, and then choose a simplified representation or an explode state of the step, as required.
g. Click OK on the dialog box and Done/Return on the Menu Manager.
h. Configure the drawing as necessary and click OK.