To Define a New Variant Specification
When you open the Variant Builder dialog box, a new specification appears in the variant specification list.
1. In an open configurable product, click Variant Builder. The Variant Builder dialog box opens.
2. To create a new variant specification from a file or to create an additional variant specification, click > New Variant Spec and then click one of the following options:
New Variant Spec—Creates a new local variant specification in the list.
New Variant Spec from File—Opens the File Open dialog box. Select a local *.vsp file or a *.asm file of a previously created product variant and click File Open. A new variant specification is created in the list.
Generate Variant Spec from Simp Rep—Opens the Open Representation dialog box. Select a representation from the list and click OK. A new variant specification is created from the simplified representation.
You cannot create new options and choices for a variant specification created from a simplified representation.
3. Click the arrow next to an option and select a choice.
4. Select choices for all required options.
5. Click Summary to display a table of your selected options and choices. Click Back to return to the options list.
6. Click to change the display of the options list.
7. To save the new variant specification, click > Save Variant Spec and then click one of the following options:
Save Variant Spec to Assembly—Saves the variant specification with the open configurable product.
Save Variant Spec to Local File—Opens the Save dialog box for you to save the variant specification as a *.vsp file.
8. To create a new configurable product variant, click Create Product Variant.
9. To update the representation in the graphics window to display the selected components, click Update Representation.
10. To update the assembly to have the selected choices for the options, click Update Assembly.
When you have not saved the current variant specification, you are prompted to save it.