To Define On-Demand Simplified Representations Settings
1. In an open assembly, click File Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Click Assembly.
3. In the Component retrieval settings area click On Demand Settings. The On-Demand Settings dialog box opens.
4. Set a mode of operation for on-demand retrieval:
Prompt—A confirmation is required before each retrieval of on-demand simplified representations. You are not prompted for the retrieval of components in Automatic representation.
Never prompt (default)—Models are retrieved without confirmation.
Disable—On-Demand retrieval is disabled.
5. To retrieve the original model of any backed-up references, click the Retrieve referenced models for backed up references check box. Upon retrieval, the backed-up references are updated to reflect changes in the original models.
6. Select a task from the task list to define its setting in On-Demand mode:
Activation—Click the On-demand activation check box to retrieve the Master Representation for activating a component.
Regeneration—Click the On-demand regeneration check box to retrieve simplified parent components in a higher representation level upon model regeneration. Select Automatic for automatic selection of the representation type to retrieve, or select Master to retrieve all simplified representations in their Master representation.
Selection—Click the On-demand selection check box to retrieve simplified components in a higher representation level for selecting internal items. Select Automatic or Master.
Editing—Click the On-demand editing check box to retrieve simplified components and their parents in a higher representation level for editing purposes. Select Automatic, Master, or Master with ancestors (parents of parents).
Cleanup—Click the On-demand cleanup check box to remove unmodified simplified representations retrieved on-demand. Select Restore representation to remove on-demand representations, or select Restore representation and erase to remove and erase from memory components retrieved on-demand.
7. Click OK.